Artistic Bokeh is an initiative to qualitatively explore, map and extend the electrosphere with parameters of artistic research and development. The group is intertwined with the project Artistic Technology Research at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna.

Art Accounts Deutsche Bank, Carsten Lisecki (2013)

Art Accounts Deutsche Bank, Carsten Lisecki (2013); Text: Georgios Papadopoulos

Art Accounts Deutsche Bank, Carsten Lisecki, 2013

Artistic practice is celebrated as autonomous, innovative and often anti-conformist, but what are the real conditions of artistic production? Art Accounts Deutsche Bank gives a glimpse on the adverse economic environment for the arts; competitive, individualistic, and dependent on patronage, either from the state or from private organizations and collectors, the autonomy of the arts is just an illusion. The film offers a vivid illustration of the problematic relation of artistic practice vis a vis the market. On the 5th of April 2013, on the occasion of the opening of the Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle, artists were invited to bring an artwork to be exhibited in the new Gallery of the Bank in Unter den Linden in Berlin. No selection would be made and everything was promised to be part of the inaugural exhibition for 48 hours. To sweeten the deal, DB offered a solo show in its new premisses as an award for the best work. Hundreds of artists of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities, queued for hours in the cold to have the “opportunity” to show the work in an “established” gallery and get some “visibility”. Problematic maybe, hopeless for sure, but what is the reason that the artists came in such large numbers to act as cheerleaders of the DB only a few years after the financial meltdown blamed to the irresponsibility of banks like the DB, a financial collapse that brought some of the same artists in Berlin as migrants fleeing the economic depression in their own cities. Artists do not look so anti-establishment when participating for free in the advertising campaign of the DB. The problem, of course, is not one of lack of individual consciousness, but the very conditions of artistic production that lead to such desperate and politically uncomfortable choices. The film points to the isolation of the artist, its precarious position and the difficulty of acting collectively. The answer to that question can only be given by the viewer.

Art Accounts Deutsche Bank, by Carsten Lisecki will be screened on Thursday the 27th of February at MQ Raum D, as part of the opening of the Installation: Too much money ... 
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